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Photo Booth For Events in Alabama

Everyone fondly remembers the photo booths of days gone by. Now The ShutterBus of Alabama brings photo booth service to you! We'll come to your event in our vintage VW Bus that doubles as our photo booth. The mobile photo booth fits 11 people!  Lets make memories together!  

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Wedding Photo Booth in Alabaster, AL


We love being a part of amazing Alabama weddings, and the bus will add the perfect, unforgettable flair to your event. Not only will the bus provide a memorable experience for your guests, but they'll go home with a keepsake photo strip, and you'll get hilarious, fun images of all your guests. From cocktail hour to the end of the night, you're sure to capture some unforgettable memories with The ShutterBus of Alabama.

Private Parties

Whatever the occasion, it's going to be a good time when The ShutterBus of Alabama pulls up. Birthdays, graduations, mitzvahs, family reunions, and anniversary parties—wherever the bus goes, the party follows. VW Buses are an iconic part of American culture, and they always invoke smiles and good memories. The bus is also available for photo/video shoots—please inquire!

Corporate Events

Business in the front, party in the back. Oh wait, that's a mullet. The vintage photo booth bus brings a bit of 'party' to your corporate event while keeping it classy, and is also the perfect icebreaker, conversation starter, and all around good time in a big tin can.

Meet Penny!

Lovingly restored and excited for new adventures, Penny, our VW Bus leaves a trail of smiles wherever she goes. She began her journey in the 1970s and has driven 273,148 miles since then. She's been fully restored and can now accommodate 16 people.

We Found Penny...

...lonely, forgotten, and ready for her next adventure. For decades, she had weathered the Oregon rains and faithfully worked for her owners on a farm outside of Eugene. They may or may not have been hippies—we're just sayin'. When we saw Penny posted for sale, we fell in love. We jumped on a plane, then hopped on a Greyhound, and finally hitched a ride to her street.

Photo Booth For Events in Alabaster, AL

With a turn of the key, she started right up. And an hour later we embarked on a three-day journey to bring her home. From the shores of Oregon to a pit stop in Colorado for restoration, and then all the way out to Alabama, she faithfully did her duty. We started The ShutterBus of Alabama to bring you the experience of the open road and the vintage nostalgia that Penny brings everywhere she goes. Penny isn't just on the road again; she's ready for her new photo-taking adventures around the great state of Alabama.

Retro Photo Booth

Indoors & Out

Let us in. You'd be surprised at the inside spaces the bus can squeeeeeze into! With a little planning, double doors, and permission from your venue, The ShutterBus of Alabama is the perfect addition to add a vintage spark of fun to your event.

The Photos

Equipped with professional cameras and lighting, Penny captures the best moments. And not only does each person walk away with their own awesome, high-quality photo strip, but we also offer all the digital photos after your event.

Social Kiosk

Yes, we're on Facebook and Instagram. But the cool thing about The ShutterBus of Alabama is that we've made it easy for everyone who hops inside to quickly access and share their booth photos on the spot via email, text, and social media. Now that's #awesome.


Let your guests cut loose and get silly with Penny. We have a variety of creative (and hilarious) props to add a little quirk and a lot of fun to your bus-booth experience. You could even step into the bus and become a cowboy princess gangster with heart-shaped sunglasses. We're just sayin'.